March Madness Suicide Pool
Every year, my buddy and I run the greatest of all March Madness "office" pools. It's a suicide format (Pick 'em) pool where players pick one team they think will win per selection round. If your team wins, you move on to the next round. If not, you're out.

The pool has been going strong for 5 years and has grown each year. I'm hoping to have an Android app ready for this year's tournament.
Smoke or Fire
A very simple drinking game that I made into an Android app. The entire app was written from scratch in Java with OpenGL. The card model was created in Blender, and I wrote a Python script to extract vertices and texture coordinates from the .obj file.
The app is free with ads, and includes the option to permanantly remove ads through an in-app purchase.
Draft Day
I made an Android app that can help you track your favorite team's draft picks, calculate trades, and share your suggested trades.
Static Live Wallpaper
For those times when you don't want your Android wallpaper to scroll as you flip through homescreens, I created a live wallpaper that lets the user crop an image and set a non-scrolling wallpaper.
Lately, I've been spending some time playing with WebGL. If you're on a decent browser and you want to run up your CPU you can see it here
If you do something cool, you should consider offering me a job. Here's my resume. Below is a summary.
BS Electrical Engineering - UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science
Work Experience
RATHEON COMPANY (2009 - present)
I design, integrate, and debug test stations to validate, re-certify Patriot Missile systems, in addition to software development work using CVI and LabView. I wrote an introduction/walkthrough for Git to help promote its use, and I developed AutoCAD templates to help standardize documentation.

I worked on a number of SBIR Projects, from proposal writing to phase 3 testing. The work included general test engineering/research in a variety of fields, from acoustics to optics to autonomous navigation.

Worked within a small startup company of 5 engineers from the initial stages to VC funding. I helped develop a process to manufacture microwave-driven plasma lamps, running a range of experiments designed to select optimal lamp parameters including lamp chemistry, output spectrum, gas mixture and pressure, and bulb dimensions.

I'm working on moving everything to github and making most of it public. There's not much there right now, but I'm slowly building it up.